Why Choose High Mast Light Poles?

High Mast Light poles are tall poles with lighting attached to the top. It can be used to brighten large areas such as highways or recreational fields. The pole with lighting is usually 30 metre tall. This form of lighting is becoming preferred in many parts of the globe. They are introduced top cities such as Ontario in the highways. In Taiwan these lighting poles are used in combination with shorter lampposts.

Owing to its many advantages high mast lighting are a widely opted choice. These lightings on poles are less expensive to install and delivers high performance. It is an ideal lighting option at nocturnal hours. While opting for high mast lighting poles, lesser number of poles are required to be installed and this curbs expenses to a great extent. The high mast luminaries are used to illuminate larger expanses while the fixtures are erected at a height. The high mast poles used for street lighting can be up to 40 ft and even extend to 150 feet height. On each high mast pole 4 to 15 fixtures are mounted. It is an ideal choice of exterior and street lighting. Municipalities across the globe are opting for this effective street lighting option for its best performance and durability. It can be used in ports, stadiums, parking lots and for sports venues. With its towering height and the numerous brilliant luminaries mounted on the top of the poles, the innovative lighting poles can flood lights in sports grounds or stadiums. It is an ideal option for lighting at nocturnal hours for the luminance of the lights and its superior and long hour performance. The High Mast Poles Lighting can be erected with optimal spacing. As each unit is a source of great luminance, they can be spaced optimally and is an ideal lighting solution.

The constitution of the high mast pole is simple and its maintenance is both simple and easy. The prime component is the high mast light and the next component is the luminaries’ ring on which the lighting fixtures are attached. The rings can have 4, 6 or 8 lighting fixtures attached to it. There are also poles with the option of 3, 5, 10, 12 and 16 lights fixed in it. Most commonly LED lights are used. In other lesser preferred options Metal Halide or Mercury Vapour lights are used. In some cases lighting guards are fitted to the lights for preventing light pollution.
Maintenance of these high mast pole lighting is simple, though the lights are mounted at a great height. Using a motor, the ring with the lighting fixtures is lowered and adequate maintenance steps are executed. With the easy maintenance processes, the costs involved can be greatly slashed and it can be an affordable option compared to conventional lighting and its maintenance expenditure. The tasks involved in the maintenance of the lighting structures are also reduced in comparison to the efforts and frequency of maintenance in case of conventional lightings. If LED lights are used in the High Mast Pole lighting, it will be a durable option and it can deliver high performance.

One prime consideration while opting High Mast pole lighting is the choice of luminaries. With its many benefits LED lights are a preference. It facilities energy savings and even distribution of lights and provides best performance and high durability. The maintenance costs of the LED lights are also low as they perform over long hours and are highly durable. These lights also offer better brightness than other conventional lighting options in use. These lights can brighten outdoors for the longest duration; the results are proven.

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