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We may not directly connect street lighting with urban safety. But it has its effective role in improving safety in urban areas. With innovative street lighting solutions, road safety can be improved and accidents can be reduced to a great extent. Dark streets increase the vulnerability to accidents due to low visibility. It is not even safe for pedestrians to walk at the road sides, cross roads as they are prone to accidents.

From its introduction 200 years ago, street lighting has evolved over the years. From traditional bulbs of lamp posts and conventional lighting options, LED lighting has become the preferred and ideal option for street lighting. With plenty of important consideration for urban illumination, LED street lights have become the new preference of the urban streets as the energy-efficient and low cost luminaries. There are many advantages for choosing smart street lights especially LED lights. Here are few of them:

▪ Reduce criminal activity
Nocturnal hours are the prime period for criminal activities. If the areas are well-lit with bright street lights, then all notorious and criminal activities can be reduced. It will be easier for patrollers to locate the offenders as the areas will be flooded with light and the miscreants cannot hide easily

▪ Avoid accidents
With well-lit streets, it is possible to avoid accidents and keep your streets safe. With better visibility, drivers can clearly view the vehicles coming towards them from the opposite direction or pedestrians, pets or children crossing the roads at night.

▪ Energy Efficient and low maintenance
Save energy with energy-efficient lighting solutions. These lights also require low maintenance and curb extra expenses proving it be ideal choice of street lighting.

▪ Even distribution of lights
Light pollution can be avoided with the LED street lights. These lights offer even distribution of lights and can illuminate dark areas at the nocturnal hours.

▪ Durable
LED lights are more durable than conventional lights and are the innovative offerings of technology. This leading these lighting options to be an ideal choice.

▪ Cost-effective
LED lights are a cost-effective option in street lighting. Municipalities across the globe are opting for LED lights and they are substituting conventional lighting as the brighter alternative. While these lightings are cost-effective, it is possible to provide best lighting solutions for a large area and improve the living conditions of the residents

▪ High Performance
The LED lights perform higher than conventional lights and they can illuminate the streets throughout the nocturnal hours. With its better performance, LED lights are the preferred options for street lighting.

▪ Conserve Energy
Energy can be conserved while considering LED lights over conventional lightings.
With its plenty of advantages, LED lighting is considered the smartest street lighting and is becoming the best alternative over contemporary lighting options. Conventional lamp posts should be replaced with LED lights that are more energy efficient and also for the low expenditure involved. With best performance, innovative LED lights can illuminate the streets and prove to be efficient lighting solutions in the streets. It is also ideal option for public and road safety. They can light up the streets during the entire nocturnal hours with full luminosity and are highly efficient.
City authorities and municipalities are confirming on the substitution of conventional lights with LED lights and improving the visibility of the urban precincts with quality lighting alternatives. With such an alternative option, women and children will be able to move freely on the streets in total safety and the chances of accidents are also avoided to the largest extent. LED lights are confirmed as the futuristic lighting options for street lights and largest urban and sub-urban areas are expected to be illuminated with this efficient lightings in the near future. Cities in India are to accommodate 416 million urban residents by 2020 as per estimates. With the shift to the urban locations in rapid increase, residents can benefit from the innovative lighting solutions as LED lights.

Smart Street Lighting Pole Roadway Lighting Applications:

• Streets
• Interstates
• Subdivision
• Local Roads
• Highways
• Intersections
• Parkways
• Coating
• Freeways
• Rounabouts
• Avenues

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