Jan 2020

High Mast Lighting Pole Inovative Smart Technology

How is Voltcon Lighting making high mast lighting pole brighter, stronger and smarter? Terminal yards are active, ever-changing environments. Incoming and outgoing trucks, containers, ships, and people require an adaptable, well-lit location to complete their jobs. As a low-maintenance, high-performance lighting solution, LEDs meet these critical needs. Until recently, LEDs had one notable drawback for high mast applications: inflexible illumination. When the lights are on, they're on, and when they're off, they're off. That means either sacrificing illumination or wasting energy

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Jan 2020

Voltcon LED high mast lighting design you need to know

Voltcon LED high mast lighting is very energy efficient and has a long service life. The LED technology continues to develop, and enables a more efficient, long lasting, and cost-worthy light source. The larger the area you want to light up, the higher your lights will need to be mounted on. If you need to illuminate large areas like airports, car parks or major roads, you'll need to use high mast lighting.

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Dec 2019

3 Benefits of using LED Flood Lights, Sports & Stadium Lighting Pole

LED sports stadium lighting systems can produce the same or better illumination at less than half the operating costs of traditional stadium lighting. According to the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, flood lights are vital for areas like shipyards, manufacturing plants, construction sites, parking lots, highways, open fields, etc. as these areas require proper illumination during operational hours.

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Nov 2019

Why Choose High Mast Light Poles?

High Mast Light poles are tall poles with lighting attached to the top. It can be used to brighten large areas such as highways or recreational fields. The pole with lighting is usually 30 metre tall. This form of lighting is becoming preferred in many parts of the globe. They are introduced top cities such as Ontario in the highways. In Taiwan these lighting poles are used in combination with shorter lampposts.

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Oct 2019

Energy-Efficient And New LED Lightings For Exteriors And Street Lighting Pole

Innovative LED Lighting solutions are the preferences of municipalities. Innovative LED lights and Gi Octagonal Pole are among the best alternatives in external lighting. With its many advantages, LED lighting solutions are becoming the ideal choices for municipalities seeking cost-effective lighting solutions for exteriors. Cities across the globe have already sought the benefits of efficient, exterior lighting while switching over to LED lightings. The LED solutions are energy-efficient and the new preferences of municipalities across the globe.

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Sep 2019

Importance of High Mast Lighting in Maintaining Security at Railway Yards

It is certainly important that Railway yards are well-lit to prevent shady activities. It is noticed that dark railway yards are festered with miscreants and it becomes the hub of all undesirable activities. Railway authorities are considering better illumination for such yards to keep them free from miscreants, trespassers and other groups. High Mast Lighting can be an effective solution for improving the illumination in railway yards and prevent petty crimes in the area. These lights provide even distribution of light and it can illuminate all the dark and concealed areas of the railway yards. High poles lights are effective for illuminating large areas such as the railway yards.

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Aug 2019

High Mast Lighting Poles

To light up vast areas cost-effectively contemporary technology offers the solution of high mast lighting poles. These installations can be mounted at height levels that surpasses any traditional lighting ways - They can be of a height of 100 feet or more! High mast lighting poles render excellent advantages to outdoor lighting, due to the manner of beam generation and circulation in these systems. The energy-efficient service of illumination with a guarantee of long life is the speciality of (LED) High mast lighting poles.

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Sep 2019

Explore The Benefits of Innovative High Mast Lightings and Poles at Industries

High mast lightings are contemporary lighting technology that can be used for lighting a highway or recreational field. It is an ideal choice of technology for lighting large areas. The lighting systems are mounted at a height of almost 100 feet thus labelled as High Mast lighting. As these lightings are mounted high, they can be used to illuminate large areas with even light distribution. It can light up large areas with even distribution of lighting. These lightings are long-lasting and can illuminate large areas with optimal power consumption. This futuristic system is extensively used in transportation terminals, outdoor storages, parking areas and sports stadiums offering high-intensity illumination without many hassles.
Here are the prime benefits of High Mast Lightings and Poles:

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